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With the intention of women empowering other women through art, this innovative concert series is a celebration of local and global accomplishments.

Lynn Bechtold, Milica Paranosic and Keve Wilson—the founders of Ladies First—are three women at the cutting edge of NYC’s contemporary music scene, and they are forging a new path in this creative concept of concert production. Each year, we honor a woman with the annual Ladies First Award, designed by a specially chosen NYC artist. 


2012: Catherine Luening; artist: Cecilia Mandrile

2013: Margaret Leng Tan; artist: Gorazd Poposki

2014: Pavla Niklova, Emma Hayes, Sonya Lamonakis; artist: Ken Butler

2016: Tania Leon; artist: Linda Mason

2018 (for 2017): Mona El-Naggar; artist: Kyra Mo

2018: Valerie Dee Naranjo; artist: Grace Weaver

Please check out our prior website to learn more about LF 2012-2015:

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